Uniquely Positioned for Leadership

Thanks to an extensive international network of colleagues and institutions, the Smithsonian is a leader in research and training in the biological sciences. This uniquely positions the Smithsonian to provide the high profile, multi-disciplinary scholarship, leadership, collaborative spirit, and logistical support necessary to fully sustain the efforts of Smithsonian Biodiversity Genomics.

The scope of our leadership includes:

A solid foundation of vast research expertise, with world-renowned scientists, collections, laboratories, field-based initiatives, and research centers that support vibrant public and private collaborations.

The world’s largest natural history collection, including 127 million objects representing ancient to modern diversity, more than 2,000 living collections, and close to 1 million cryo-preserved biological samples that will prove increasingly valuable as the field of biodiversity genomics matures.

A history of major biodiversity studies, supported by the world’s largest concentration of taxonomists and biologists in the field and investments of nearly $10 million annually in support of biogenomic research.

Dedication to our founding mission to the “increase and diffusion of knowledge,” hosting more than 30 million visitors to our museums a year, inspiring and empowering future caretakers of the planet, and providing students and researchers with a wide array of opportunities for developing the skills necessary to work in biodiversity genomics research.